Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guest blogging on Biomedicine on display

Autoanalyzer, by Leonard T. Skeggs, c.1960. From Dittrick collection.

As a longtime follower of Thomas Söderqvist’s blog, Biomedicine on Display, I have learned more there about contemporary medicine than from any other source I consult. Thomas has been in a privileged circumstance, having spent several years, along with his team of postdocs, documenting biomedical innovations, 1955-2005. Along the way he has relayed the joys and thrills, as well as trial and tribulations of collecting modern “stuff” for the Medical Museion in Copehagen.

I commented on Thomas’ blog often enough to start a friendly correspondence, offering input from an American perspective -- specifically, musings on what drives our approach to health care and medical technology. The result: he officially invited me to be a guest blogger on contemporary medicine. My first posting reflects upon consumer driven demand for expensive medical technology, as reported in a recent NYT piece on robotic surgery by Gina Kolata. Check it out, but more important, pay a regular visit to Biomedicine on Display.

Jim Edmonson

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  1. Thanks for these kind words, Jim. Don't know right now how to live up to it --- praise always stresses me tremendously :-)