Friday, March 18, 2011

CIA students draw surgical artifacts for class

Today we hosted another great group of students from the Biomedical Art program of the Cleveland Institute of Art. Prof. Tom Nowacki brought his medical illustration class to the Dittrick once again to draw surgical instruments from our collections. The sampling varied from O'Dwyer intubation sets to Tarnier's cephalotribe to Bigelow's lithotrite. The assignment revolved around the challenge of showing how these things worked, mechanically, and how they related to the body parts and tissue.

See some of the projects from last year. I'll post those from the 2011 class when they're done in a week or so.

Jim Edmonson

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sue Johanson from “Talk Sex” to present March 16 at Case

Sue Johanson from
Talk Sex with Sue Johanson is making one of her final debuts on Wednesday evening on the Case campus at Strosacker Auditorium!

Sue first appeared on the radio with a talk show about sex, and then branched out to community access television, and then, in 1996, her show became a national show on the Women's Television Network (WTN).

Sue’s show came to U.S. viewers in 2002 as
Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, produced especially for American audiences and debuted in November 2002 on the Oxygen Media. It wrapped in May 2008, but Sue has been on the lecture circuit since, largely at colleges and universities.

Johanson’s interactive lecture begins at 7:00PM, to be followed by with a Q and A session. The event is sponsored by the University Program Board at Case. For more details, visit the UPB website or call 216.368.2438

Jim Edmonson

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Joanna Ebenstein presents Anatomical Venuses at the Dittrick tonight

March 1, 2011

In April 2007 Joanna Ebenstein created a fascinating blog, Morbid Anatomy, where she has since been "surveying the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture." Medical museum and collections, like the Dittrick, provide much of the content for Morbid Anatomy. But Ebenstein has cast her net still further, exploring arcane museums and curious collections across Europe and the UK.

I've known Joanna for some time now (seen here in Paris in 2009) and followed Morbid Anatomy with constant interest and fascination. Join us tonight for her presentation at 6:00PM, in the Powell Room of the Allen Medical Library, followed by a reception at 7:00PM in the Dittrick Museum.

Jim Edmonson