Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trojan Condom video to mark National Condom Month

Last September, I traveled to NYC to be taped for a promotional video for National Condom Month, produced for Trojan® Brand Condoms.  They brought in other folk from the Kinsey Archives, the Museum of Sex, and the American Social Hygiene Association (soon to shed that euphemism and become the American Sexual Health Association, keeping their initials ASHA).  Producer Marisa Biaggi deftly stitched, cut, edited, and refashioned our rambling parole into a snappy, informative, and yet lighthearted history of the condom.  Check it out on Cosmo.  Never thought I'd land there, but then again, I never imagined a career in a medical museum either!  Enjoy viewing.

Exhibit update

Check out the new window treatment for our balcony display of diagnostic instruments, as seen on the Dittrick Facebook page  I got the idea for the screened images from visiting medical history museums in Berlin and Inglostadt
Photo: The balcony gallery is a work in progress, a new exhibit on diagnostics will be opening this fall. The new shades were delivered yesterday!

As this work on the diagnostic exhibit -- the most comprehensive of its kind in North America, thanks to the gift of the M. Donald Blaufox collection -- winds down, I will get back to the Dittrick blog.  Very long overdue, I know...  In my next post, I'll share some pics of the exhibits in the Berlin Museum of Medical History and the German Museum of Medical History in Ingolstadt.