Friday, February 5, 2010

Condom exhibit features material from the Skuy Collection at the Dittrick

The Museum of Sex just opened a new exhibition, RUBBERS: the Life, History & Struggle of the Condom. This exhibition, curated by Sarah Jacobs and designed by Mark Snyder, takes an irreverent yet in-depth look at the history of the condom from a single object to its role a multidisciplinary artifact.

As their publicity states: “Influencing everything from science to art to politic
s and religion, the condom, which has remained at the epicenter of debate since its inception, rose from its humble beginnings to become a barometer of morality and a savior in the fight against HIV/AIDS.” For details visit

The Dittrick lent objects (see at right) from the Skuy Collection to this exhibition, which had its grand opening just last night. Joanna Ebenstein, my friend and blog mentor (Morbid Anatomy) attended and I'll look forward to hearing more about it from her.
I certainly plan to see it the next time I'm in NYC.

Jim Edmonson

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